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The city walk is now available as book from bookshops and on line.The best way for getting to know a city is to explore it on foot. This is true for Rotterdam as well. Walking through the city you get a feel for the diversity of the place and you get a picture of how the city has developed over the centuries. I have developed a self-guided walk through the centre of Rotterdam (and a little beyond), that will give a thorough first impression of the city.   The route will lead you past the main sights of Rotterdam, but also includes lesser known spots. Starting off at Rotterdam’s brand new Central Railway station it continues through the commercial centre of the city and some of its ground breaking modern architecture. Also some of the oldest buildings left in the city deserve some attention like the St Laurens Church (1449) and the Schielandhuis (1665). The city newest attraction, the Market Hall sits beside the quirkiest apartment block you will ever see: the cubic housing block. On it goes along the Old Port (Oude Haven) and the riverfront. The iconic Erasmus Bridge will lead us to the South Bank and its redevelopments of former docklands. A water taxi ride will take us back to the centre introducing the 19th century Maritime Quarter, the Euromast observation tower (185m / 600ft), the Park and the Museums around Museum Park. The route passes underground stations and tramway stops on numerous occasions, so that you can stop or pick up the walk at virtually every stage of the route.  De wandelingen voeren langs bekende bezienswaardigheden, maar vooral ook langs o when you want to explore the city of Rotterdam on foot. The walk takes you through the city centre and helps you to find the cultural treasures, modern architectur and historic sites of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Walk
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